Dash Camera – Features you Need to find out Before Purchasing

The best options you must confine mind once choosing the most effective device for your needs:

Video quality

Like any different camera, quality of the video is that the most vital feature to think about. If image quality isn’t high enough, you would possibly not be ready to use your footage within the case of associate accident to prove that it wasn’t your fault. you’re All dash cams support a minimum of 720p resolution and a few devices record with a resolution of one,080p or maybe 4K. although higher resolution doesn’t essentially guarantee a more robust quality of the footage, 720p ought to be enough to induce a transparent and careful image.

Audio recording

Most dash cams value investment in support sound recording within your automotive, however it’s one thing you’ll wish to see to it. Some super low-cost dash cams might not support sound recording in any respect. Conversely, some cameras have mute buttons, therefore you’ll be able to shut down sound recording if desired.

Front facing or twin facing

The decision you’ll have to be compelled to create is whether or not you wish one camera that records the road ahead or a multiple-lens system that gives each forward and rear cameras. Front-facing dash cams ar the foremost basic and customary form of dash cam. A twin facing dash cam will record with a forward-facing lens and a rear screen lens at the same time.

Parking mode

A parking mode can enable your dashboard camera to mechanically begin recording if it detects a collision or impact whereas you’re pose. this could be terribly helpful for seeing UN agency bumped your automotive or left a nasty scrape on your door whereas employing a busy parking area.

SD memory card sensors

All dash cams use a memory card to store recorded pictures and video footage. All the dash cams should use ‘loop recording’, which means that once they run out of house on the memory card they rewrite over the oldest footage. Some models come back equipped with associate Coyote State card, however this can be value checking. you’ll have to be compelled to purchase associate Coyote State card singly.


All dash cams associate with an influence wire that plugs into the ignitor. These vary from around one.4m up to 4.9m. select a model with a extended cable if you wish to route the cable round the screen and down the car’s front pillars therefore you’ll be able to plug it into the facility socket, while not having cables supporting down from the screen.

Auto begin and machine stop

A dash camera should have the flexibility to start out recording once it receives power and stop recording once power is removed. this can be generally done via the car’s ignitor power adapter, however it may well be exhausting wired additionally.

Inbuilt GPS

Why would somebody wish to own a touch cam with GPS? GPS position knowledge doesn’t lie. This data will be wont to prove you were wherever you aforementioned you were, and therefore the time once you were there. maybe one among the most effective reasons for utilizing GPS knowledge work is for fleet vehicle house owners to stay track of wherever their workers ar driving.

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