Advantages of Android App Development for Start-Ups and Online Businesses

There is no doubt that Android is leading the market share. For that reason, Android application development can really benefit both online businesses and start-ups in a lot of possible ways.

However, reaching a large group of people is not easy, but fortunately, Google’s Android came into existence. As a matter of fact, thousands of Android app are being released in the Google Play Store each month.

Either way, if you are planning to create an Android app for your online or start-up business, but you’re a bit hesitant, then you should take a look how an Android app development can benefit your business. But if your reason is you don’t know where to start, you don’t have to worry about it because there are lots of Android development companies out there that are willing to help you.

Top Benefits of Android Application Development

1. Cost Efficiency

Unlike branded items that are acquired at high rates, the software development tools used in Android platform are free of charge, which makes sure good ROI or return on investment.
On the other hand, the low access barrier to deploying, coding, and testing the applications is important. But aside from that, it is also highly appropriate for start-ups that are looking for cost efficiency.

As a matter fact, an attractive and fully functional business app can be released in Play Store after paying the registration fee for once.

2. Easy Android Application Development

Installing as well as developing an Android application is very efficient and convenient because there are lots of proprietary and free tools. However, the software development tools consist of cross-platform applications frameworks, visual environments, Integrated Development Kit or IDE, handset emulators, and SDK (software development kit).

3. You Can Choose Your Desired Distribution Channel

You can distribute your Android application in several marketplaces because Google will let you do it without any limitations. However, there are no particular standards for you to follow just to release your app in the Google Play Store.

As a matter of fact, you can easily distribute your app on your own by simply distributing it to reliable distribution platforms. Also, Google will let you create an application only for your business solutions without releasing it on the Play Store. Most importantly, it is the autonomy that you can get when you opt for Android application development.

4. Big Earnings with Very Low Budget

Investing in an Android application development is incredibly affordable. In fact, consumers will be able to hire an Android application development company with a cost-effective rate, and HokuApps is one of the best when it comes to a company that is offering Android application development services. With its highly skilled Android developers, it has become the top android app development company. Either way, with Android, you will be able to create an advanced app with minimum cost.

5. Flexible Integration

Apps that are made in Android platform can be integrated and customized in a convenient way, but powerful manner. Android apps with diverse features and functions can be deployed for particular business requirements and needs.

On the other hand, multimedia, communications, and data management can be incorporated in a smooth manner by means of the latest software technologies.

6. Market Fragmentation

Despite the fact that fragmentation poses trials for the majority of Android app developers, it also provides an equally profitable chance for businesses including start-ups and online businesses. As a matter of fact, there are no other mobile OS powers electronic devices in all fragment of the marketplace.


There you have it, a few of the many advantages android application development. Even so, now that you already know how beneficial Android is, maybe you are now looking for a company that can help you to do your own Android business app.

However, if you are having a hard time in choosing the right Android app development company, then you can consider HokuApps, the company that we have mentioned a while ago. As a matter of fact, their Android app development team has been working with Android apps for a couple of years and they have already created thousands of applications for several businesses through different industries.

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