What Benefits iOS 8, iPhone 6 have Given Organization iPhone Application Developers?

The Introduction of Kits

iPhone app development companies introduced a set of features called, ‘Kits’. With Apple’s PhotoKit, iPhone application developers can enable their photo apps with editing tools. Both users and iPhone application developers can edit photos in the iOS Camera Roll without importing them first. This tool also allows seasoned and amateur photographers capture professional looking photos. The new API architecture for thumbnail and full-size assets and the ability to edit content has made the Apple PhotoKit platform a truly remarkable feature.

Apple’s new HeakthKit extension acts as the center point for all the complex medical data. This Apple extension creates an integrated user experience. By adding HealthKit into the Apple iOS users have the option to put their medical ID on their lock screen which appears as a button on the bottom left. This feature is a valuable health data source and gives paramedics access to crucial information in case of an emergency. The HealthKit also offers good opportunities for iPhone application developers.

The Introduction of ApplePay

ApplePay had partnered with major credit card companies around the world and will be adopted by users all throughout the United States and Europe. This contact-less payment, although not new, is a much easier and secure option.

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Apple’s iMessage Apps

This messaging option allows both users and iPhone application developers tap and hold the microphone buttons to record audio. Users also have the option to activate the ‘details’ buttons to share current locations (temporarily or otherwise) and to also turn off notifications for any specific conversations. With this new Apple iOS 8 feature, users can finally do away with having to scroll through a multitude of messages to relocate photos or videos sent by other users.

An Updated Keyboard

With the Apple iOS 8, iPhone application developers and users can now experience an updated keyboard that offers context-sensitive predictive typing. This feature identifies a user’s style of writing and provides a list of words the next time a user tries texting thereby allowing the user to text faster.

Other Features

Calls to an iPhone will now be visible on an iPad and Mac as long as the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The Apple iOS 8 will also come with advanced notifications so that users and iPhone application developers are able to reply to text messages, confirm calendar events, trash emails and respond to reminders. iPhone app development companies have also introduced a new feature called ‘Family Sharing’ that allows both users and iPhone application developers to share purchases made in iTunes and the App store and create a shared photo album and calendar.

The updated Mail app allows users and iPhone application developers to swipe to the left to reply, delete and flag messages. Next, by double tapping on the home button, a user will be able to see a list of the most contacted people and by clicking on one of the faces from the list, the user will be able to call, chat or FaceTime a contact. This feature is equally popular with both users and iPhone application developers.

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